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Plastisol Ink Additives

  • 1110 Curable Reducer

    1110 Curable Reducer $45.00

    1110LF Curable Reducer lowers the viscosity of plastisols without affecting the fusing characteristics. 1110LF is also a curable reducer, which means it fuses or cures by itself with the application of heat. The recommended...

  • 1199 Stretch Additive

    1199 Stretch Additive $61.00

    Can be easily mixed into Multipurpose, 700 Series, or 1100 Series plastisols to produce increased elongation for Lycra, Spandex and other stretch fabric applications. The recommended ratios are: By volume, 2 parts ink to 1...

  • 220 Puff Additive

    220 Puff Additive $163.00

    Plastisol product formulated to be mixed with International Coatings standard plastisol inks to produce a raised or puff effect. Can be hand stirred into Multipurpose, 700, 800, 1100, 7000, and 7600 Series inks. The...

  • 222 Dulling/Suede Additive

    222 Dulling/Suede Additive $140.00

    Product can be used to reduce surface gloss in most plastisol inks or to create a suede look ink. Product can be hand stirred into International Coatings’ Multipurpose, 700, 800, 1100, 7000 and 7600 Series inks. To...

  • 3802 Foil Resist Additive

    3802 Foil Resist Additive $55.00

    FEATURES • 3802 LF Foil Resist Additive resists foil adhesion when applying foil in a heat press. • Use to create multi-color designs with foil sticking only to the desired areas of the design or print. •...

  • 3804 Low Cure Additive
  • 500 Quick Trans Additive

    500 Quick Trans Additive $77.00

    Add to Multipurpose or 700 Series plastisols to convert those inks to hot split or hot peel transfer inks. The recommended ratios are: By volume, 1 part additive to 3 parts ink. By weight, 1 part additive to 4 parts ink...

  • 720 Softhand Clear Base

    720 Softhand Clear Base $43.20

    Add to 700 Series, Multipurpose, 1100 Series, 7000 Series and 800 Series inks for improved hand, cost and printability. 720LF is very clear and is highly recommended for extending any process color, especially the...

  • Paper thermometer strips for screen printing

    Temp Strip $25.70

    Our 8-Temp Thermolabel, also known as “temp strips,” contain eight incremental temperature sensitive strips that produce an irreversible white to black color change based on their correlated temperatures. Giving...