Dual Cure Emulsion (2 Part)

Dual cure emulsions are easier to expose and generaly get better detail than photopolymer emulsions. Dual cure emulsions are also the choice of most printers for waterbased and discharge printing.

  • 21 Step Wedge Test 21 Step Wedge Test

    Emulsion Exposure Calculator

    Saati 21 Step Sensitivity Guide  Tune in your burn times with this inexpensive but valuable tool. Sometimes called a step wedge test, 21 step test, or exposure calculator. Easy to use... Place on your screen outside the image area. Expose the...

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  • Graphic HU 42

    Graphic HU 42

    GRAFIC is SaatiChem’s range of high quality stencil emulsions formulated for general as well as specific graphics printing applications. This family encompasses not only the diazo-sensitized products but also a range of dual-cure and...

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