Emulsion Removers

When the press stops running the job still isnt done. High quality emulsion removers made with Saati ER-2 spped the reclaim process and get your press spinning again.

  • Saati ER-2

    Saati ER-2

    APPLICATIONS   Removes all stencil types.   GENERAL CHARACTERISTICS   Fast-acting, effective and economical Works in minutes Odor-free and biodegradable   Saatichem Remove ER2 1 to 35 liquid concentrate with...

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  • Saati ER2 Emulsion Remover 5 OZ

    Saati ER2 Emulsion Remover 5 OZ

    The 5 OZ will make 1 gallon of emulsion remover.   Applications:Removes all stencil typesCharacteristics: Liquid concentrate that includes powerful built-in degreaser Dilute 1:35 by volume, or 1:25 by weight to provide full strength working...

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  • SCS ER-170 SCS ER-170

    SCS ER-170

    Applications Powerful formula removes emulsion from screen with water. Characteristics Ready to use emulsion remover Formula mixed here at Spot Color Supply with Saati ER-2  Degreaser cuts through any greasy film left after ink...

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