Photopolymer Emulsion (1 Part)

Photopolymer emulsion is ready to use out of the bucket, has the longest shelf life, and burns faster than other types of screen printing emulsion.

  • 21 Step Wedge Test 21 Step Wedge Test

    Emulsion Exposure Calculator

    Saati 21 Step Sensitivity Guide  Tune in your burn times with this inexpensive but valuable tool. Sometimes called a step wedge test, 21 step test, or exposure calculator. Easy to use... Place on your screen outside the image area. Expose the...

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  • Textil PHU-HR Textil PHU-HR

    Textil PHU-HR

    Applications All purpose solvent and water resistant photoemulsion. Characteristics • Red one part pure photopolymer emulsion with universal ink resistance • SBQ technology, exposes 6 times faster than two part emulsions and leaves no...

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  • Textil PV

    Textil PV

    TEXTIL emulsions are designed specifically for the garment and textile industries. The TEXTIL range encompasses pure photopolymer, dual-cure, diazo, and our unique triple-cure technologies along with emulsions specifically for making very thick...

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